Q. Design:
What is the best way to add space and value to my property?

A. The easiest way is through any well designed extension, garage conversion or loft conversion. Clever internal remodelling such as creating open plan living areas are currently very popular in the family home. Additional Bedrooms and spacious Kitchens are traditionally the areas which generate the biggest increase in value.

Good designers like NHA are able to interpret your requirements and give you everything you are looking for in your home, whilst also maximising the potential of your property or site and steering you through the planning and building regulation process.

NHArchitecture pride ourselves on listening to our clients needs and then producing designs that meet their requirements but also offer solutions that may not have been thought of. We are conscious at all times that we are designing your property to live in and not ours! However, sometimes it takes someone with an outside fresh point of view to offer an alternative idea.

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